Picture Me Rollin’ 🚴 #southernnewyorker #canon70d (at West Side Highway)

"No Caption Needed" #southernnewyorker (at SummerStage NYC)

It’s a Mad World #southernnewyorker

Happy Birthday to my best friend and the greatest Mom in the world! You inspire me daily with your strength and courage and there is no one on this planet better suited to be my mother than you! Love You! 🎉🎂 #southernnewyorker

One Man Army 🎥 #southernnewyorker

Tunnel Vision 🎥 #southernnewyorker #canon70d

A Night with the Raven 🐦 #southernnewyorker #canon70d

Started playing with my new camera this weekend • I am fully obsessed at this point • Here are one of the many pics I shot • I’ll post more soon 😎🎥 #southernnewyorker #canon70D

👐 (at L’asso)

New Toy! • Now to start shooting these ideas I have running through my head #southernnewyorker (at Casa De Wilson)