you sleep like a soldier at war. and i watch you.

limbs like a sonata drowning at sea. you thrash like Vesuvius. rise come morning like ash whistling, hurtling towards the fog of ships in the harbor. in the distance, your shadow curdles like mother’s milk. you dawny disaster. you…

New York, New York…Daddy’s Home! My Homecoming Show. If you came out to the last one, you know how RARE this will be! July 20th in Brooklyn. Be There!

What a cool surprise! Check me out in the July issue of Upscale Magazine on newsstands now! My mothers gonna be extremely happy to see this..lol

Very Proud To Announce the Official iTunes release of “Right One, Wrong Time”..Available NOW via @iTunesMusic!!! Support the Music, Support the Movement!

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All Gold Everything…

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The Flush Present’s: Spree Wilson “Life in Technicolor” EP…Available for Download NOW!! 


This week #SpinWednesdays celebrates the release of @SpreeWilson’s new EP Life In Technicolor ! I’ll be playing all the jams + @SeanFalyon on the mic … Food + Drink + Hookah specials all night.


259 Peters St.

Atlanta, GA

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Her waist is tiny as fuck omg

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